Prediction of Treatment Success

Unfortunately, no treatment option can be guaranteed. There are no treatments that are 100% successful or completely predictable. We must also be aware of potential side effects of any treatment option. Behavior modifications are the most conservative option but may not achieve a significant decrease in symptoms. Surgery may involve some healing time and discomfort. Also, the potential for relapse/regrowth of the tissues is occasionally possible. Consultation with an ear, nose and throat specialist is required. CPAP has been shown to be very successful but wearing the mask/nasal pads can be challenging to get used to for some people. As well, unless motivation is high, a person may not wear the apparatus regularly after several years. Oral appliances may not be effective for some people and prediction of success can be difficult in some cases (especially for people with severe sleep apnea). In addition, permanent mild changes to the jaw and position of the teeth may occur.

Behavioral modification, CPAP and oral appliance therapy must become part of a person’s sleep routine and be done EVERY night for consistent results. Failure to do so will result in a relapse in sleep disordered breathing and a return of the associated negative effects.

As with any medical treatment the risks must be weighed against the benefits for all options to determine which is the most suitable for you.


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